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Jonathan Unleashes The Futurescope Showcase!

Your eyes are not fooling you!  FutureScope Comics is about to release their new, anthology title, “Futurescope Showcase: The Devil and […]
Lady Havoc from Zion 3 by Jonathan Syphax

Lady Havoc from Zion 3 by Jonathan Syphax

Your eyes are not fooling you!  FutureScope Comics is about to release their new, anthology title, “Futurescope Showcase: The Devil and the Miracle Kid“, slated for release in the Spring of 2015. Just to give you an idea of the type of book FutureScope Comics is releasing, here is some basic information; “The Devil and the Miracle Kid” is an anthology book consisting of three stories (all are introductions into Jonathan Syphax’s Futurescope projects). I must warn you; this book has some teeth on it and is intended for a mature audience. Only one gentleman can deliver a book of this magnitude and content: one Mr. Jonathan Syphax. Needless to say, Jonathan did not hold any punches here, nor did he cut any corners in drawing together (pardon the pun) some of the very best independent inkers and book developers in the biz. Some of the artists involved are: Brian Balondo, Dody Eka, Don Mark Noceda (who also did some inking work), Luca Cicchitti and Rob Toal, along with additional inking work by Jesse Hansen(Owner of Cornerstone Creative Studios). For coloring, the book will feature the dazzling work of Bryan Arfel Magnaye  and the incomparable Lancelot Canton! Advertisers included Black Science Theater, B.A.D Boom Art Department, Anibal Arroyo, Raymund Sanders, Evil Squid Comics, Joe Holley, Alex Griffith: Secrets of Kush and Rob Toal, just to name a few.

Ray "The Miracle Kid" Ruiz. Art By Rob Toal. Story by Jonathan Syphax

Ray “The Miracle Kid” Ruiz. Art By Rob Toal. Story by Jonathan Syphax

As for the material itself, let’s get to it! First up: Street Journal: The Lead up!  This story has always been a fan favorite within the independent circuit and the MAS(MASMeansMore)-FutureScope ranks,  but the question is,  what lead up to the first issue? What happened that created the inner conflict that he must overcome! Well,  here you get your opportunity to find out as we show you the prequel story,  if you will to that first hit issue and give you a upfront look at what exactly happened before the story arch began,  and trust me on this,  you will be floored by what you see!

The second is “The Devil and the Miracle Kid”. This is little different. Told in prose combined with full colored, art images, this tale tells the story of a young, championship, lightweight boxer named Ray “The Miracle Kid” Ruiz whose golden heart puts him head long in a battle against old red eyes himself, aka, Satan! The question is, who will be left standing once the final bell rings?

And the third is an oldie but goodie. It’s a short eight-page story spotlighting our female Heroine, “Celestine.” Celestine is the direct descendant of one of the original three Council members (from the Zion 3 storyline), whom all consisted of women. The daughter of Verus, Celestine is bred to be the top lieutenant and primary assassin in “The Council’s army.” And she will pave her way in blood! High action and sharp character development, this heroine is guaranteed to be a fan favorite!

Celestine created by Jonathan Syphax

Celestine created by Jonathan Syphax

Along with a host of great art images and promotional material, behind the scene pages, and much more! The demand for this project is mounting at a feverish pace, well before final production! That means that this title is shaping up to be one of the biggest events of this spring for the MAS camp and the independent world as a whole. Simply put, there are no barriers we won’t brake through to deliver to you, the reader, a top notch, quality story, with diverse and powerful themes, plot, and imagery! We are pushing forward to do something fresh, new, and above all, different! So get ready for an independent comic explosion like none other you have seen before!

Also, if you would like to reserve a copy just let us know on Facebook at and we will have your copy waiting.

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