The curtains up and Konceited Show is officially underway!

The curtains are up and the koncieted Show is officially underway and it is coming out the gate strong!” However, […]


The curtains are up and the koncieted Show is officially underway and it is coming out the gate strong!”

However, what exactly is The Konceited Show(or Konceited for short), you might ask?

The answer is; a strong, independent Artist (Rapper) who is placing the tri-state area on fire!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, this rising talent’s musical voice was literally reared up by the culture of street. It makes perfect sense.

Brooklyn is literally one bridge away from Manhattan and about 25 minutes from the boogie down Bronx, giving this young talent access to the hottest spots in the city and the ability to move from one venues and showcase to the next. This also as gave him a wide set of experiences within the music business,  enabling him to learn different musical styles and marketing techniques. This music culture would,  indirectly seeped into his home as well.

koncieted explains:

Side note: A Cypher: To put (a message) into secret writing; encode. This is done when one artist says his lines and,  once finished,  another follows! This note will play a role in Koncieted Show’s answer to the above question.

“I used to walk in on my mother while she was rapping, when I was younger but I never really knew much about it until I actually had a cypher with her.”


He continues:

Well, there a funny story behind how I found music, specifically rap.  I used to always get into trouble, so my mother would keep me in the house, so one day I was looking outside my window,  talking to myself and I noticed it all rhymed,  it was as easy and free flowing as breathing, so I startled there but what gave me that push was my cousin.  He was an inspirational artist and he would always have a song he wanted to rap to me, and I always questioned myself,  say,  hey, when am I going to start rappin’… look at where I am now,  crazy ain’t it….

More so, where he is now is far stretch from those cyphers he had in his home.

Konceited infuses soulful beats and a hip, street style in his music that stands on its own, while infusing a sense of self awareness in every line. This is fueled with a unwavering, entrunuour drive that is necessary to make it in the music business!

Konceited has now formed his own independent music group.

This includes Konceited as a solo artist, Malika Estelle who is a female artist/singer in his group, another male singer, Daniel Bern and another feature artist, who chooses, at the time to remain autonomous!

Konceited is also doing a huge tour with the underground and mainstream artistic sensations, here

The tour will run throughout the city of New York(aka NY)…while working on a strong, solo carrier,

However, if you are looking for some smooth fashionable clothing the brother has that also, entitled lost Era!

The clothing line includes hats, coats, shirts, including long sleeves and hoodies, along with other accessories and appeal that are in production.

“Honestly,” He said, “I just design whatever comes to mind; whatever I think would look appealing.  I never try to look or dress like the next person so that is kinda how my dealings came about.  Right now, I am trying to incorporate my clothing into a brand.”

However, his passion is always his music (and his daughter) first!

His favorite song from his debut album is “Dark Side,” which shows his creativity style wise and message wise.

I can think outside the box, to come up with something very powerful and still catchy.”

But what pushes him through an industry that has given so many others so many broken promises? How does he bypass the many industry traps?

His answer was inspirational.

me“What inspires me? Giving my daughter a better life, making my grandfather proud of my success and continuing what my cousin wanted us to do. Rest in peace to both of them.”

So what is the end game here, success for himself,  his family, namely his daughter and,  hence his community! Trust me on this!

This artist is doing some big things!  Listen hard enough and you will hear his slick lyrics bagging from some club, or you might even catch his fashion sported by a fan, or stumble upon a conversation about his music.

He had this to say:

”Stay humble, never give up and be you!”

For all of you looking to get a listen, check his music out at sound cloud, iTunes, google play, and all the major engines.  Also, check out his Facebook page,(Konceited show) by just clicking the name posted here.

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