Syphax on books Review: James Patterson’s “Cross”

“The Butcher parked a block or so up to Fourth Street, then he got out of the car and walked […]

“The Butcher parked a block or so up to Fourth Street, then he got out of the car and walked quickly back towards the cozy house where the cop had the bottom floor flat. Getting the correct address had been easy enough for him. The Mafia had ties with the Bureau, after all. He looped around the side trying not to be seen, but no concern, if he was. People in this neighborhood didn’t talk about what they saw.”

Except from Jame’s Paterson’s Novel: “Cross.”

And just that easy, we are drawn into Alex Cross’s world, but this is the  brilliance of writer James Patterson.

Quite honestly, the  ability of James Paterson to immediately  hooked the reader into his literary yarn of murder , suspense and mystery is common place in most,  if not all of his novels(an author, whom may very well be considered the uncontested master of the suspense thriller).

“Cross,” is no exception!

We begin our story with the main character, Alex Cross (a recurring character in the Alex cross Novel Series whose first appearance dates as far back as  Patterson’s earlier work, “Kiss of the Spider Women”). Cross is a top notch detective, who, after growing tired of his job, decides to retire. On the surface, all seems normal and the transition seems as slick as a silver bullet. That is, until a murder case comes to his front door, throwing him back into the heart of a murder investigation, compliments of a sadistic serial killer, initially known only to local authorities as, “The Butcher!”

Now, on the surface, this does seem much like many other suspense thrillers, but here, like most of James Paterson’s novels before it, what seems to be on the surface is far simpler than what is really going on.

Action packed! It’s phenomenal character development and unrelenting pacing will floor you! We arealex-cross-dvd captivated, virtually from the first sentence by a clear character arch done with such clarity and emotional build up (something all but unheard of in much other suspense, thriller novels) that we are left barely catching our breath!

From the jump,we are constantly given insight on  who these characters are, making them all too real! Their struggles become our struggles and their faults become our inadequacies. It is through the protagonist(Alex Cross) initially, rather than the antagonist(The butcher), that we see who Cross really is underneath the skin, placing us (figuratively speaking)”under the gun!”Complements of one of the best villains i think to hit the novel,  suspense world,  ”The Butcher.”

In hind sight, we know the murder because we know Cross, and vice versa, but isn’t that the fun of it?

Simply put, James Patterson is has hit another home run and, quite arguably, the best suspense writer of all time, and certainly of present day, making his new novel, “Cross,” another crowning achievement in his vast array of best sellers.James Paterson  Cross is a non-stop page turner and I am hooked to the entire Alex Cross series, so for all you suspense lovers, Cross is the one!!

The question is, has the movie measured up to the book and can Mr. Tyler Perry capture Cross’s character development as written on the page? It’s a tall order! You decide!

Either way, we always have the novel too plug us in!

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