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MAS Recaps the Baltimore Comic Con (2013)!!!

The Baltimore Comic Convention(-Recap-) Baltimore is famous for three things: the Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Ravens, and having one of […]

The Baltimore Comic Convention(-Recap-)

Baltimore is famous for three things: the Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Ravens, and having one of the most beautiful Harbors on the East Coast. But one of the best kept secrets is that the Charm City hosts one of the best comic book conventions, “The Baltimore Comic Con”.  And MAS was center stage, ready to rock!

-Road Trip-

This is MAS’s second time at the Baltimore Comic Con but this second voyage came with some hitches that could have hindered what  was expected to be a hugely successful MAS Convention return. With a shipping delay of the Russ5377 book, Jorge Medina (The M of MAS) informed the MAS Team that he would not be able to arrive at the show until 11:00 am Saturday morning due to the shipping delay. Anibal, (The A of MAS) attempting to print additional sketch cards,  one of them being the steadily demanded Harley Quinn, went to print additional cards only to find out that they had to be  re-sized, a task that time would not permit. In addition to an overall late start out on the road, a slight mix up at the hotel upon arrival seemed to be the precept to an inevitably disastrous two days!

The set up during the Baltimore Comic Con 2013

For any other company, that may have been more than enough to close shop and head back to the MAS Lab and let the weekend slip aimlessly by, but MAS would not lay down. What does MAS do now? What was our plan? Business as usual! Get some snacks, hit the road and rock out all the way to the next convention: the MAS way! And MAS was not alone this time- Vanessa Verduga, aka Justice Woman, would also be sharing a table, ready to dispense Justice to any bad guy who might want to poison the force known as IAM: The Independent Artist movement and MAS itself.

-Day one-

After a rather heavy continental breakfast in the quiet lounge of the Holiday Inn Express, MAS, along with Vanessa, was ready to hit the road. The drive in on 83 south (Baltimore’s main thorough way leading into the heart of the city) was a relatively smooth one and the parking, although a little pricey to say the least, was relatively easy to find. And as MAS set up quickly, the Baltimore attendees rushed in bringing with them a wave of sales. Justice Woman books sold like crazy, as Vanessa threw on the cool super heroine costume and transformed into her Justice Woman persona. Prints, primarily sketch cards, seemed to be the thing as Anibal’s sales soared, creating more empty slots in an other wise filled sketch book holder. The MAS team was pretty strong as many contacts were made and the MAS effect immediately took hold in Baltimore!

-Day Two- 

After a strong first day, it seemed that the team was a bit tuckered out.  The second day of the show, although consistent, seemed to be a bit slower than the previous day.  In all truth, we just didn’t seem to be ourselves. Even Justice Woman seemed a little laid back. But MAS, along with Vanessa, seemed to make one last valiant stand, forming a surge of energy fueled by soda, pretzels, and coffee which produced consistent sales of IAM Magazine, Justice Woman, and Street Journal, along with sketch cards and pin ups to boot. Other Justice Woman shirts and book paraphernalia  were bought in bulk as well. But Russ5377 was the unsung hero of the day, creating a flurry of sales sparked by Jorge’s bold and ingenious marketing campaign of the product! Russ5377 was back, propelling both MAS and Vanessa to a strong ending!

So all in all, despite a bumpy start, The Baltimore Comic Con was another success for the MAS team.  But as each time before, MAS toughened up and came out on top! Next stop is New York Comic Con, the top convention on the east coast. There, MAS will make history! Stay tuned.

Side Note: Vanessa, aka Justice Woman, has officially been inducted into the vibe known as MAS.  She is also the fourth element of the MAS natural flow (I can’t take credit on this one. Anibal thought of this). Jorge is the earth. Anibal is the wind.  I, Jonathan, am the fire and Vanessa is now the water, an even flow to a connective movement.

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