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(21016)Masmediastudios Comes Back…to New York Comic Con…!

 …And they are doing it BIG!!! Each year, along with the New York Comic Con, Masmediastudios gets bigger! The New […]

iron man …And they are doing it BIG!!!

Each year, along with the New York Comic Con, Masmediastudios gets bigger!

The New York Comic Con becomes more of an entertainment phenomenon, placing the pressure on MAS to steadily keep the pace, pushing Mas to do something bigger than the year before.

This year MAS is doing things on a entirely different level, literally reshaping their structure and re-introducing a virtually whole new, product line, in addition to including, at their table some of the fastest growing independent companies in the industry.

Here is the rap up:

Masmediastudios(Founded by Jonathan Syphax, Jorge Medina and Anibal Arroyo), have built a strong, tight connection with other creators in the independent comic world and beyond,(some affiliate are individuals included in the poetry world as well).

MAS will be expanding and collaborating with two new production houses at the least!

Victor Claudio will be making his 4th appearance at MAS table, bringing his great artistic and writing work to the forefront, standing side by side with his extended creative family, Masmediastudios.

The first time he shared a table with Masmediastudios was not only be part of the comic scene, but to push the anthology book, “Hot Tales, Bad Asses” that his story, “A Devil’s Tale,” had appeared in. This was a book that was being produced by Anibal Arroyo. This book was completely sold out of all its copies1 joe joe at the show! Victor is returning to introduce any new work and opening up himself to the fans for unique and mind blowing commission work!

Also, there is a new arrival to the MAS table, Writer and artist extraordinaire, Joe Holley. Not only will this be his first time sharing a table with the MAS crew, but it will also be his first time attending the New York Comic Con as a vendor. This friendship between Joe Holley and the MAS Crew dates back well over 4 comic cons, as we first met him on line and in person at the New York Comic Con in 2012!

Note: Joe Holley’s story, “Pretty” will be made into a short indie horror by a local director.

Joe Holley has a short story in MAS’ latest anthology, “Cryptic: Urban Tales of Fright, “entitled “Pretty.”(Also to debut at the New York comic con 2016!) Joe Holley will also have cool art, be open for commissions and do signings with a style that echoes a very cool and unique mix between Ed McGuinnes and Humberto Ramos, his art is definitely worth the price of admission.

Anthony Ojedia (aka Anthony the painter guy) art will also be on deck at the Mas table. This young, extremely talented Joe Kubert student and all around great guy, will, in my book, inevitably move into mainstream publication. He also has a short story in The Anthology Cryptic entitled “My Adeline.”

Luis Cruz of Cruzin comics will be one of the members sharing the Masmediastudios table. This is big as bloodkillthis creative trailblazer will have all his work on deck.  Books include:

BLOOD-KILL #1 & 2 (Also to be in Cryptic), JENNIFER THE SHE-WOLF #1 (Reg & Variant Covers), THE CURSED AND THE DAMNED #1 and 4. -FUEL OF LIFE (The Illustrated Magazine)                                                                                       Along WITH EXCLUSIVE HATS AND SHIRTS FROM THE BOOKS!

And last but not least, you guess, it, The Masediastudios Crew, Jorge Medina and Anibal Arroyo.

Fantastic customer service, great product, a whole lot of fun and great memories are guaranteed. New books will be on display as Jorge will have copies of his brand new, all age’s comic book, Wonder Duck! If you thought Russ5377 was a great book, you will be blown away by this one.

Russ5377 has become a fan favorite as our big headed hero’s adventure lead him to do battle with the evil Professor Morb! Well, this time, Jorge takes this tale out of our galaxy… Literally. Duke Dullbeak is an out of work, down on his luck actor who stumbles across a super suit that turns him into Planet Farof’s last hope. Not only must he save his home planet, but the universe as well.

Fast pack action and insane visuals are guaranteed as Jorge takes all age’s entertainment to a whole new level!

Also on deck…will be Anibal’s new anthology, “Cryptic: Urban Tales of Fright.” Yep, the one you heard of earlier in the blog (“PRETTY” good lead in right, he, he). This Anthology will include not only a story by Anibal Arroyo, but also one by Joe Holley, Jorge Medina, Garry Camp, Chavez Sanchez and Luis Cruz. “La Chilla” is a hereone of the stories in the Anthology created/written by Jorge Medina and co-written by Anibal Arroyo. This story tells about a set of guys who stumble into a bar and get more than they expected when a beautiful vixen strolls their way for “a good time.” This collection of stories have twist and turns that will blow your skull clean off (metaphorically of course, if it really did you couldn’t come back to another comic con and that’s no Bueno…lol). They are told in the timeless classic tone of such great creators as Edgar Allen Poe, Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen king and Bram Stoker just to name a few. It is one bloody heck of a thrill ride that will hook one from the first page!

Also, photographer and film maker extraordinaire, Omar Solis (Owner of Digital Villain Studios) is also a long term friend of MAS, the comic community, and the entrepreneur who directed the short trailer/promo film for Street Journal that was displayed on the Indy go-go drive) will be at the table for The entire MAS event and show. He will be capturing each and every exciting moment on film, capturing the magic that is the MAS (MasMeanMore) Experience.

Great fun, great, new titles and great customer service is guaranteed as the Masmediastudios Crew and their extended family invite you to be their guest to the coolest booth in town at the biggest show of the year! This is Masmediastudios! See ya there!

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