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MAS Recaps the…Boston Comic Con(2013)!

The Boston Comic Convention(-Recap-) What do you get when you combine lots of espresso, a trunk full of books, and […]

The Boston Comic Convention(-Recap-)

What do you get when you combine lots of espresso, a trunk full of books, and three wacky comic creators? A celebration to rival all celebrations – A ROAD TRIP!! Our destination? The Boston Comic Con(2013)!

For MAS this is big, as it marks the revival of an events calendar extending as far back as 2010, which means we haven’t been on the road in 3 years! The 2013-14 convention schedule is reaching well past the tri-state area this season and we are very excited about it! Initially, we thought we might have our hands full with this one. What once looked like a daunting task for us, shaped up to be nothing less than an easy progression back into the convention scene. Maybe the stars were in conjunction that particular day or the planets were aligned, but this time, it was destined that we here at MAS would do a few unprecedented things within our camp.

Before we go on, just to give you a little look into the MAS mentality, here’s a side note:

MAS is very unique from other independent creators for an array of reasons, but what most shines through is the overall camaraderie within the team itself. It is a natural vibe, one that continued to flow the very morning we hit the road for Boston.

The minute the car pulled out of Anibal’s driveway, the celebration had begun! The radio immediately was turned on as Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” blasted through the speakers. MAS, as if on cue, began belting out lyrics that would have made Scruffy cover his ears (that’s Anibal’s dogs). Rest assured, anything can happen whenever MAS is on the road doing a show, even the most unexpected things (like the Subways employee breaking out his air guitar in the middle of our sandwich order- You the man!). That is what we call the “MAS Vibe” and the volume is never turned down.

-MAS arrives in Bean Town!-

8:30 PM. We crossed into Boston, pulled up to The Crown Plaza Hotel and checked into our room. We then settled in and got right to work, going over the next day’s events (OK, what we really did was hang out, saw The Wolverine movie and BS’ed a little. But can you blame us? We were in Boston, Maannn!). Before we knew it, most of the night was done and it wasn’t long before the MAS Crew gave themselves a much needed rest.

-Day One-

It was 9:30 AMand the doors to the Boston Comic Con were about to open. The lines were

The line outside of the Seaport venue for the Boston Comic Con Day 1

reached far beyond the edges of the building and the lines for those that had not pre-ordered their tickets wrapped far beyond the convention walls. The minute the doors opened, a literal comic frenzy begun. The floors immediately became swamped with fans and cos-players dressed up as their favorite comic heroes and villains. Artist alley seemed to fill up in a matter of seconds. Now, I must stress this point; MAS is a wacky bunch of guys, charged up by the radical MAS ideology that, (get ready because here it comes) the fan is the primary guest of the party! The spotlight stays on them! That’s right. We just want to invite YOU into the MAS World! Don’t get me wrong, sales are nice but that is not the primary reason that drives us to do what we do. No guest holds up the wall at a MAS table party!  No one is pushed out or turned away!  This is what MAS is truly all about!

Set up was relatively quick but there would be one more member added to the MAS Team. Meet our new road dog and the youngest addition, Steve “The Sales Assassin.” Steve was charged up and ready for the frenzy known as the Boston Comic Con! Anibal was also revved up and ready to go, with Jorge and Jonathan set at the helm and boy, did the team shine through!

The before picture we took of the lovely Ms. Diane Haas in front of our MAS Media Studios banner at the Boston Comic Con. Check out the finished page on our facebook page @ facebook.com/masmediastudios


For the first time in MAS history, both the “Street Journal” Graphic Novel and Tees were sold out in one single day (and it was a TWO day show)!  Blue Screen Shots were taken like fruit from a hand-basket. In addition, a sexy photo opportunity with cos-play beauty Diane Haas made its way into the MAS Blue Screen archives. Check out the before picture here on the left and log on to our Facebook page to check out the after shot.

Day one was a complete success, but the party would not stop! Brace yourself! We are about to enter day two.

 -Day 2-

It was the last day of the Con and MAS was amped to finish strong! We were blessed to have made new fans in Boston and even folks from my hometown stopped by and supported us. Luis, a native from the Bronx, had made his way to the MAS table and picked up a book. Then there was Calvin, a brother too cool to be held down, who supported MAS greatly by ordering one of each of the MAS books, including the IAM Magazine. Also, wrapped up in the mix was Kit Weeks, who gave us some great tips on how to build MAS into a consistent, life sustaining business, as well as a few tactics on how to survive a life spent on the road and advice on what pitfalls to avoid along the way (Thank you, you are the best). In short, we here at MAS, we exceeded our wildest expectations at the Boston Comic Con. By the end of the show, we had blown past our sales goals, met some great fans and Bostonians, took a slew of cool blue screen photos and made an indelible mark on Boston itself.

What’s our next stop? Baltimore Comic Con! Can we replicate the same success we experienced in Boston, or better yet- exceed it? Well, that is a question which will have to be answered in the next “On the Road” Blog re-cap. I will tell you this, something huge is definitely building in the MAS Camp. Get ready to find out what part of it you will play when it takes hold!



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