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MAS comes home…to The New York Comic Con(2013)!

For the fifth year in a row, MAS is attending The New York Comic Convention held in the Jacob Javits […]

For the fifth year in a row, MAS is attending The New York Comic Convention held in the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, the Mecca of the World!  Now the psychology for MAS success is still very much the same: have fun and make the fan (and the investors) the main attraction!  That is the best part of it all! But there is a slight change, as MAS always delivers something bigger and different out the gate!  This year it is all about IAM: the Movement and Magazine.  This does not mean that your beloved MAS titles will not be on display but the focus will be more on the magazine and getting our fans acquainted with MAS’ new venture. 

Now, the IAM magazine has already become a hit within the independents genre by highlighting such art talents as Mario Gully (Image-Creator of the Ant), Eric Hutchson (Creator of Crimson Huntress and Creative President of Inbeon Studios), Michele St. Martin (Inker and creator) and Ray Felix (President of the Bronx Heroes Comic Con in NY) to mention just a few of the strong presences within the independent circuit that are featured in the IAM magazine!   If you’re interest is piqued about all of the great editorials the IAM magazine contains or to get more information about the magazine itself, please visit the MAS Means More Web-site. But back to the Convention itself!


Here’s the Scoop!!

This time MAS is going more comfort based in their event table layout.  MAS is excited to introduce “THE MAS STORE”!! Ta-da!  Yes, you read that right all of my independent, comic book reading, Blue Screen taking friends!!   MAS is literally “opening up shop,”  in order to make your visit through MAS world a full-on interactive shopping experience!                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                            Upon coming to the table you will receive the red carpet treatment!  A member of the MAS team will be there to meet and greet each customer with a new table layout that will provide you, the fan, with better shopping and an improved overall welcoming experience.   Also, the Blue Screen will be set up in a designated area that allows you to be propelled into the center of all it- giving you the spotlight!!

But the incredible MAS experience doesn’t stop there!! There will be an artist sketch section  with an easily accessible display for you to browse through all the great MAS titles at your leisure. There will be an artist sketch section with an easily accessible display for you to browse through all the great MAS titles at your leisure! And, in addition to this,  artist extraordinaire, Anibal “The Animal” Arroyo will be available for sketches and art signings for you,  the fan. It’s a direct connection to the MAS WORLD! 

                                                                                                                                                            As if the MAS experience at the NY Comic Con couldn’t get any better, Russ5377 books will also be center stage for purchase along with various cool prints from Anibal Arroyo and artist extraordinaire, Rob Toal, who will be unveiling an exclusive print at the Comic Convention.  Trust me on this one.  You want to see this!  And for the fifth year strong, Street Journal books will also be available for purchase.

                                                                                                                                                           And let’s not forget the MAS trademark treatment, “The Blue Screen Experience!”

Here, you get to take a picture in front of the MAS Blue Screen back drop and then place any image you so choose behind it.   After the picture is taken, we not only send the image to you but we can also add it into our Face book Blue Screen Fan album complete with a tag and a cool description! 

Now that is how MAS does an Event!

So don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime interactive experience courtesy of MAS Mediastudios! Come on by the table and get in on the new wave of the MAS Comic Con experience being held at the New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC on October 10th-13!  See ya there











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