Luis M. Cruz: Blazing into a New Generation of Comic book, Story telling!

Hot on the trail of most independent creators, Luis Cruz is never too far from his next great story. If […]


Hot on the trail of most independent creators, Luis Cruz is never too far from his next great story. If he has an idea for a story, he writes it.  Once the script is laid down, he hires an artist and then, that artist draws the page, and if life throws him a curve ball, he bust through the obstacle; easy enough. Or so he makes it seem. And during the course of it all, he never claims himself to be an inspiration.

Armed with a sure fire- quick wit, a heart of gold and a drive that mirrors most winners, Luis Cruz forges a limitless world.

When we first met this young trail-blazer, it was at the New York Comic Con some 3 years ago.  Luis, as he raced by in his chair, stopped and proceeded to shot up to the table, giving an inquisitive glance.

So what you got?” He asked, as we proceeded to give him the same welcome we do to all the potential fans, but Luis was different. There seemed to be a true interest in what we were doing. He really wanted to know, from us, how this independent comic thing worked.  He asked us many question, picked our brains, told us about his own trials and tribulations, then, very slyly brushed his comments off with a few jokes, (you think George Carlin is dirty with his jokes, he got nothing on this cool dude).

We instantly took a liking to him!

Luis has written and produced not one, but five books under his comic company, Cruzin’ Comics and he doesn’t plan on slowing down. Here are the one available for purchase right now:

1. BLOOD-KILL #1 2. JENNIFER THE SHE-WOLF #1 (Reg & Variant Covers) 3. THE CURSED ANDimage7-1 THE DAMNED #1 4. FUEL OF LIFE (The Illustrated Magazine)

And Luis is working on a sixth one!  He recently shared a table with us at the 2016 New York Comic Con, along with Joe Holley,  Omar Solis, Victor Claudio. Anthony “The Painter Guy’s” art was also on display,  and, of course, your lively Masdonians,  “Jorge Medina(Medinamus), Anibal Arroyo(Arroycus) and Jonathan Syphax(Syphaxius) were present.

Note: if you were wondering what the MASadonia’s are all about,  future blogs will be posted to clue you in, so keep and eye out! 

Back to the subject of this weeks’ blog.

Luis sat at the MAS table, cool, calm and collective, his books displayed in high fashion like a well-armed knight at a jousting event, anticipating the charge of the manic crowd.

It was a sight to see!

His books flew off the table, one sale after the next.  His prose book, Fuel of Life, was a big seller, very likely the top seller.  That blew my mind!

Not because he wasn’t a great writer (as he truly is), but because the bulk of his sales were generated from the purchase of a prose book, this occurring at a COMIC(I repeat), a COMIC CONVENTION, (Guess I gotta get my writing and sales skills up), as he delivered his charm and story plot pitch to warm his way right into the Fans hearts.

But it’s not just his personality that won the day! Great story telling did have something to do with it.

His innate ability to move the narrative at a feverish pace as each character conflict was fueled by exciting and sharp plot twist. This makes any of his books a rather enjoyable read.

image1-1So, what’s the end game here? What gem did this comic creator bestow upon us?

Well, for one, dirty jokes draw fans (Just kidding, kind of).

Two, we have a heck of a writer in our corner.

And three, MAS just gained another brother in Luis.  He reminds us that no matter what the challenge may be, anything, done with heart, determination and hard work is possible! It is not life that limits us! We give ourselves limits! we set our boundaries!

As for Luis, Well, he says,

“I am fortunate the one in this life,” but I say, “that the lucky ones are us.”

This is Jonathan signing off. Until the next time you browse through this neck of the comic world, keep your pen to the page, your heart open and your eyes on us.

See ya on the next blog! Peace.



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