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Let the Games Begin!

Wanna win a 3-day-pass to the 2014 New York Comic Con at the Javitz Center and $100 dollars cash to […]

Wanna win a 3-day-pass to the 2014 New York Comic Con at the Javitz Center and $100 dollars cash to spend as you choose?

Welcome all Cosplayers and fans to the first official “Future Scope Comics Presents: The MAS Means More Cosplay Contest” brought to you by COSNATION! Wow, that’s a mouthful! I’m pretty sure the majority of you reading this are wondering, “what is a MAS Means More Cosplay Contest?” I’m glad you asked! Basically, Mas Media Studios and Future Scope Comics, along with the on going support of Bryan and Ryan of COSNATION, have devised a contest geared around the cultural sensation known as Cosplay!

For a long time, we have admired from afar the ingenuity it takes for folks to come to conventions and pop culture events dressed up as their favorite character. Whether it’s a manga based character, a well known superhero or a character from a popular movie, cosplayers know how to bring it! Some of the costumes we have seen in the time we have been attending and exhibiting at comic book conventions have left us in complete awe and amazement! For this reason and as an ode to the art form that is cosplay, we have decided to put together a contest where we essentially put out a challenge to all cosplayers to come and dress up like the characters from the MAS Media Studios and Future Scope Comics universe.

Now we know we aren’t Rurouni Kenshin or Cowboy Bepop. We don’t have the fan base of Wolverine or the ratings of the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad…but what we do have is a deep respect for cosplayers everywhere and would be honored to see our characters brought to life thanks to the creativity every cosplayer brings to the characters they portray. From our flagship title,  Street Journal to Russ5377, and our Hot Tales Bad Asses heroines to Lil Steve’s Closet and most recently Zion 3, and our Soulful assassin,  Celestine! We have plenty of characters to choose from. So you see, in the obscurity of the characters we have residing in our universe, we have asked you to impersonate them. Ah, therein lies the challenge. We truly believe this could be fun and with the grand prize being a 3-DAY PASS to the biggest pop culture event in the East Coast: The New York Comic Con in addition to $100 cash for you to spend at the show. We thought it would be worth all of the contestants’ while!

This is how it works: log on to our Facebook page, browse through the pics of characters that make up our universe and choose one! Once you choose the character, post a comment on our timeline on Facebook telling us the name of the character you would like to be! Once that happens, we will message you further details about the contest including more images of the character, and other cool stuff! Remember the winner has to wear the costume to the show for one of the three days in order to make it official! So here we go Cosplayers and fans alike, let the games begin!


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