Joshua Nash Returns with Fan Favorite, “Syringe”

“The Syringe Prelude Comic Book, by Joshua Nash is an instant vice grip. You haven’t seen anything yet!” For those […]

The Syringe Prelude Comic Book, by Joshua Nash is an instant vice grip. You haven’t seen anything yet!”


For those who haven’t read the “Syringe, Prelude,” Comic book setting up for the highly anticipated,  Syringe comic series,  you are missing out on one heck of a read!  But that’s not all, as Joshua Nash has returned,  with the announcement of “Syringe: Issue #1!”  That’s correct,  Gabriel  Lennox is back and so is Joshua Nash!

Initially, after falling from the scene right after the release and success of the prelude book,  many wondered if they would ever see Joshua Nash or their hero,  Gabriel Lennox again.  The wait will soon be over.

The premise of the Syringe: Prelude book  is pretty simple in itself,  but engaging.

Gabriel Lennox is the son of  Clinton Lennox,  a wealthy chemist who, through his test on various animals(one of which is a bat)discovers a way to enhance basic human traits and characteristics,  such as super strength, speed,  etc… Once the serum is developed, his son is the first human test subject,  anSyringe Issue 1 pg 6 copy arrangement young Gabriel finds all to fascinated. But this is only a gateway to launch you into a more elaborate web of deception and intrigue as the action mounts.

There are others lurking about to get the serum and eliminate anyone who might know of its development or have any link to the experiments at all. Gabriel’s father does everything he can to keep it from falling into the wrong hands as he protects his son from any and all emerging threats.

There are many players in this game,  the main villain being one of them,  but other sideline characters are also revealed thought out the story,  hinting that, they too, will be extremely important in the fold.

I can’t say much beyond that about the story as not to give too much away. I can say that this is a must get!

The dialogue flows seamlessly throughout the comic,  giving a real feel to the characters with rich and uniquely believable conversation. The clues to the story are extremely well pace.

The action does not slow down at all,  coming at us like a shot gun blast, giving us new twist and turns right down to the last page.  This is coupled with art that goes far beyond the quality of your average independent title, as well as well as every minute detail being just right.

Syringe Issue 1 pg 8 copyHere is some of the art from the 1st issue of the Syringe Series,  just to give you a glimpse into what I am talking about.

Quick,  well-paced panel layouts, along with stark visuals keeps the eye moving over the page, ensuring that the pace of the story stays fresh and original.

Simply put,I’m hooked! This is a series to watch out for and a must add to anyone’s literature or comic collection.

Thank you for keeping up with our blogs and supporting Joshua Nash’s book, along with and other writers and artist hungry to create.

Until next time,  peace. (MAS)MasMeansMore, The Future is Now!

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