Jonathan’s Comic Connect: Jonathan Announces New, Web-Site For Future Projects, News and Comic Books, via World Wide Web!

So,  this is the deal!  Having done this for little over 10 years(wow,  I can’t even believe it),  a great […]

So,  this is the deal!  Having done this for little over 10 years(wow,  I can’t even believe it),  a great amount of growth has occurred! But I do realize that to continue even greater successes,  more must be done! That demands a more aggressive push towards sharpening overall sales skills, raising the product to a higher grade of book and story quality, but most importantly, crating a  heavier online presence as well!

That is where my upcoming Blog-Site, “JONATHAN’S COMIC CONNECT” comes in!

This is a blog site that gets you up to date on all products  being developed by me, Jonathan Syphax,  via the world wide web. This includes YouTube and other hip Media challenges. And the craziest part is,  I designed the site!  I know,  fingers crossed folk, he,he. But back to the info.

This is how it works.  Each month, my web-site will have everything from various YouTube interviews, as well as full, project updates. The YouTube Channel will include a section I call,  ”ON THE RACK,” where we tell you,  the fan exclusive info on all upcoming titles in production. I will also show,  in these sneak peeks videos exclusive fan art,first looks at NEW PAGES of upcoming titles as well as pages from books currently available for purchase, as well as pages being drawn on the artist table…as they are being created! That’s right! You get to see the work RIGHT FROM THE PRODUCTION TABLE!

There will also be various Q and A sessions about the creators themselves,  as they give you a honest,  personable view of the projects and where they see my particular comic world going, as well as a little, private look-into their daily lives.  Imagine a creative,  comic reality show on steroids! It’s gonna be great!

To add to the experience,  there will be a fan art section on the web-section itself,(some of the art will only be seen on the web itself), as well as online games, a trivia section, a directory of, not only where you can get the books but various related paraphernalia and accessories connected to the books themselves.

There will also be a section I call,  ”On The Road,” listing what shows I will be at, all of which one can purchase the books.  There will be  a link to actual pictures from the shows. This give you a visual feel of all the fun at the shows!  And there will be much,much more!

I have to say,  I am really excited about this particular, new development. It is, by far, the wildest to date! That means any type of craziness can pop up!

More developments will be coming as I will be giving you a cool, You tube, video link of one of Jorge’s first interviews at the NY Comic Con by director extraordinaire,  All Cayne!

So check back here for more updates! Until then,  get ready to be part of a new comic world!

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