Jonathan Syphax tries his hand at Pros Writing

By now, anyone who knows of MAS work, (especially the urban tale, “Street Journal“), has heard of the writing force […]

By now, anyone who knows of MAS work, (especially the urban tale, “Street Journal“), has heard of the writing force behind it, but what some might not know is that I Jonathan Syphax is now venturing outside of just the comic book world(for a moment, at least)in order to delve into prose writing.  This will be presented through an anthology book,  made up of a collection of just a few of Jonathan’s short stories , slated for release towards the end of the summer. Now, that does not mean that Jorge Media, (co-writer of the successful urban graphic novel, Street Journal and creator of Russ 5377) will totally be out the creative loop, but he will be less involved in the  direct development of the various sories that will be in the anthology.  As for the anthology, it is made up of three stories.  Below is a slight summary of each.

The first is about an older man, who, unbeknownst to his dying wife makes a deal to get her life back. It is a daringly romantic story, which pits the main characters undying love for his wife in conflict with his own moral choice’s.

The second, takes place in an old, abandoned cabin in upstate New York. Trevor, our unsuspecting protagonist finds himself caught in a cat an mouse with a werewolf, which happens to be his brother, the only remaining living relative out of Trevor’s family line. Each second is counting down as Trevor has to try to survive past midnight, past the full moon.

And  the third is centered around Troy Burbank, a successfully lawyer on the rise, who, in an attempt to better his life and save his marriage , takes a partnership position as the head of a new branch of the law firm he works for in the quite town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Upon moving into his new home, he finds a old, abandoned painting in the attic, in turn, unearthing something which was best kept the the attic.

Now, I will be quick to say that I did not invent the horror gender, nor can I even imagine duplicating the shear mastery of such greats horror writers as Edgar Allen Poe, William “Peter” Blatty, Robert McCammon or, (more recently), the modern day master of horror, Stephen king. My goal, is rather to  write a piece(or a collection of prose pieces) that hopefully echoes the voice of those wirters mentions above and can, eventually,  equal their timeless work. It will not be an easy task!

“Prose writing is the toughest form of writing there is. The writer is working from virtually nothing, just a clear piece of paper, a pen and the many scattered images in his head, which he must make sense of, in most cases, at a minimum of 120 pages a shot. At the least , it is a daunting task.

Nor do he  have any illusions about the challenges that lie ahead.

If you are writing a hundred page story, with, on average, 50 words per page, that is 5000 chances to screw up the readers journey through whatever world you create. In a comic book, you only have twenty-two pages per issue, times six books,that is 120 words in all. Each page of writing is addedby visual depictions of what the writer is trying to portray. With prose, your words are your picture! One poorly place word, phrase or character description and the picture is skewed. Thi is a factor that very well may take the reader out of that world for good. Once they close the book, well, they’re gone.”

This is not the only daunting factor in the mix. Prose work will be the first project I will be taking on, coming off of the success of “Street Journal.” In  prose writing, I hold the sole responsibility of my works success. There is no co-writer to help me through.”

Jonathan Exapnded furthur on the point!

It is a bit scary, to go into a project knowing that one of my strongest allies in my writing process(Jorge Medina) is going to have a more hands off approach, especially being as self conscious as I am when it comes to my writing. I truly am my worst critic, and my toughest teacher. Jorge will be advising me though. Truthfully, I can’t fathom writing anything without his direct editing input. It certainly will be a challenge to write a complete prose without him fine tuning the details…

But in the end, I understands, that it is the work, which speaks for itself. It is the fans, not the writer, that judges ones greatness. It is a bold step(especially as an independent) for me to do a full, anthology novel. It is staky ground for me, but ground I am willing to tread.”

Having that said, one can not contemplate if this will be a success or not for jonathan; only time will tell but something tells me, at least for the reader,  it will be a trip worth taking!

Also, watch out for a sneak peek of the first chapter of one of the stories in the upcoming anthology book, appearing exclusively here.

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