Jonathan Syphax makes his way into 2017 Inbeon Comic Con!

It’s 2017 and many changes has occurred. Our economy received an overall face-lift. I have gotten older and, as a […]

girl 1It’s 2017 and many changes has occurred. Our economy received an overall face-lift. I have gotten older and, as a result, have accumulated  more gray hairs and, just to cap this year off, a new president has been elected (Obama, you will be missed.)  But the greatest developemnt,  at least in the independent comic world is that Eric Hutchison has just announced the OFFICIAL return of his 2017  INBEON COMIC CONVENTION!

The 11th Inbeon Con will be occurring on August 26, 2017 at Melville Marriot Hotel, located at 1350 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, New York 11747l!  This is definitely, (I must say), one of the best shows of the previous years.

Not only does it host one of the biggest cosplay contest in the entire comic circuit, but it is also is one off  the biggest, (if not the biggest) comic convention in Long Island geared primarily for the INDEPENDENT COMIC CREATORS,  INDEPENDENT COMIC FANS, COLLECTORS AND (OR)INDEPENDENT COMIC READERS!

It is literally an independent (and indirectly mainstream) fan/creators comic bonanza!

You will see some of the best independent comic creators around, as well as some main stream comic creators and comic companies sprinkled in.

Past guest includes:

JONATHAN SYPHAX, will be front row.16298947_10210879771086214_8919238022745702184_n

And boy, does he have some great stuff for you!

You will get to see the exclusive, behind the scenes, sneak peek pages of  Jonathan’s highly anticipated, debuted issue of his upcoming title, “The FS Showcase: Verse-Book Series: Zion 3 Vs. Bloodlust: Battleground!” In this book, our bloood hungry mercenary (and fan favorite, Bloodlust), goes head to head, mono e mono with not one,  but three, weapon wielding assassins known as Zion 3.  Artist on this book include Anibal “The Artistic Animal” Arroyo, and amazing work of The Uncanny Dody Eka!

You will also get a sneak peek, exclusive, behind the scene look at the pages of the hugely anticipated, first issue of our ongoing book series, (also staring Zion 3), “Zion 3: Issue # 1-Bloodlines.”

This book will also be drawn by The Uncanny Dody Eka himself, whose work was also included in the first rendition of the “FS Showcase anthology book, The devil and the miracle kid, and other Stories,”  which will also be available for purchase at the show!

And for all the art fans, you will get an exclusive, Inbeon Con pin-up with the seal of approval by the man himself, Eric Hutchinson, stamped with the Official Inbeon logo found on the cover.

Also, available for purchase will be the actual FS Showcase: Anthology book, “The Devil and the Miracle kid,” and other stories”, in addition to various accessories linked to the future scope products. These accessories will include tees, bags and other cool trinkets for the kids and family to take with them on this great day!

FutureScope-Offical logoThis, along with fun games and prizes occurring at the Future Scope table.

Bonus:  We will also have a special pin up for all who come by and hit attenden on the Facebook Event Page. This image will be a cool, exclusive pin up just for the Inbeon con!

So make a point to go to the Inbeon web-site(link here), register and get your ticket for the long Island’s top comic event, The 2017 Inbeon Comic con!  I’ts gonna be a blast!

Update:  Also, artist, Christian Aluas will also be present,  at his own table for viewing and purchase of his fantastic art, as well as his book,  ”Big Boss:Gun For Hire,”  so don’t miss out!


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