Graphic Novel Spotlight: Jonathan reviews “The Chair”

“The Chair” by Peter Simeti, art by Simeti and Kevin Christensen is a book to read; A raw,  psychological  drama, […]

“The Chair” by Peter Simeti, art by Simeti and Kevin Christensen is a book to read; A raw,  psychological  drama, from cover to cover. 
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Released by Alterna Comic, “The Chair,”   has garnered itself a solid spot in the independent market and soon to be adapted into an independent,  full length feature film!

This psychological thriller centers around  Richie Sullivan,  an inmate sentenced to death row. This is where his final judge,  jury and executioner,  old sparky(better known to the inmates and staff in this penitentiary as “The Chair”), lies waiting.

But things are not what they seemed to be. These walls hold many other secrets, for this institution seems to be lead by an sadistic,  psychopathic warden. In one case an inmate is brutally tortured for complaining about a guard doing more “than just spitting in his  food“.  There are chilling clues to what is really going down, where something dark seems to lurk  at every corner, behind every wall, slipping through every prison bar,  and Mr. Sullivani seems to be in the center of the madness.

When I first picked up the book at the NY Comic Con almost 5 years ago,  I was not certain  of what to expect.  I knew it was different from the average graphic novel (including mainstream comics). This I surmised just off of the  artwork of  Simeti and Kevin Christensen!  It was reminiscent of James Obarr’s,  ”The Crow,” but with a slight more abstract mix.  Little did I know is that the writing would match the immediate impression the visuals had made.I was blown away!

From the first word on the page,  you are grabbed by the throat and pulled into this world. Granted, I was well aware I was entering a world filled with nail-biting suspense. Something more than “rehabilitation,”(if any), was happening here but I couldn’t have dreamed of what would happen within these pages.

I will admit.  I am a little bit more of a mainstream comic fan,  although I am a fan of independent work(I should be as an independent creator, right),  but “The Chair” was a rare jewel in the ruff,  and one of the best Graphic novels I hadthe-chair-alterna-comics ever read. The characters,  even down to the most minute are extremely well developed, topped of with a  suspenseful, twist ending(and i’m not just talking about the revelation about Richie), an ending that hearkens back to some of the very best thriller/suspense stories that has been printed to date. Alterna Comic  has set a staple in the independent market with this book that, I feel, would be hard pressed to match!

So for those who haven’t read it,  get your copy today. It’s a Classic in the making!

From Jonathan Syphax,  I give this one a 5 star count out of five! It’s worth picking up!

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