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Exclusive Developments: The Reformation of What Will Be “Lords of Nevada”(LON)

I had no idea what I was getting into! In the independent comic world, virtually anything could happen.  Shows could […]

Dody Eka-DUTCH-Pencils

I had no idea what I was getting into!

In the independent comic world, virtually anything could happen.  Shows could get rescheduled!  Trends could change! Deadlines could get delayed and ideas could get lost to the daily rigors of life; and yet, here I am, piecing together my next comic book story arch; Lords of Nevada(LON).  now for any creator, this is a challenge and a half!  You must ask yourself, what has not been done before and the answer is enviably, nothing!  It has virtually all been touched.  So you must then ask yourself, how can I do it on a different way, where the style of the piece has my personal touch while delivering a great story centered around impactful characters?  Fortunate for me, Super Beings (can’t say the H word) have gotten a facelift.  This leads me to this book in production, Lords of Nevada(LON).

Now understand, for a book centered around a group of gifted kids, this might be a pretty cutting edge idea; I mean what’s cooler than a group of Super Powered, extreme bikers taking on the world in, non-other than sin city itself Las Vegas!

Before creating the story, I got the distinct privilege of visiting there (this is back in 2004, when I Had attended the 2003 International San Diego Cano!).  And I can tell you, overindulgence is a way of life in this sizzling, dessert metropolis.  There is no place like it.  You literally lose yourself in this place!  Fast, ten lane avenues, huge, gregarious hotels and jaw dropping women is all around and the whole time I’m thinking, “this would be a kick a** place for group of super being’s story (Got ya Marvel…lol).  By the time I finished seeing the pages in my head, it was off to the keyboard I go.  I began feverishly writing and by the time I finished the story, I was ready to get on a Harley (or in the Dody Eka-MIKE-Pencilscare of the Lords of Nevada, a futuristic ninja bike), shoot down the boardwalk and look for some bad guys to fought!

But I do have a confession to make, a forbidden secret of my own.  Here it is, it was a blast to write this particular story, literally some of the best fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on; well as far as comic writing goes, (and that’s saying a lot because I was in Vegas…lol) and that goes a long way.

So, here is the premise but I can’t give away too much.  Three very estranged, slightly odd ball and rather unlikely kids who love extreme bikes and high highness find themselves battling against an unlikely mercenary, Bloodlust (Yep, your favorite villain is the main star in this run), hell bent on retrieving rather advanced technology for Tracker, he one who hired him, but the technology is fused in the Pinal canal of LON’s surrogate father “Dutch” Whoop say that ten times backwards! So, these young kids must protect their father, stop a mercenary and continue their big time careers as extreme bikers and not get themselves or their fatter killed in the process.  With Cool visual effects and striking art that doesn’t let up, it’s an adrenaline ride for all; throwing you right in the actions!

So now that the stage is set ,  hopefully,  you curiosity is peeked,  keep an eyes out for this project and check here for updates and cool image.

Enter the world of “Lords of Nevada,” (LON). Who knows, maybe there’s and adventure in here for you. Either way, it’s worth the ride!

Quotes:  ”I Promised to stand the line, protect them, no matter the cost,”-(Dutch)

I don’t know what it means to be a super anyhing! All I know is how to be me,  and if that means I have to fight to defend what I love then,  so be it,  bring it on!”-(Mike)


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