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Cosplay Rocks!!!

All over the nation, comic fans are dressing up as some of their favorite characters! Classic figures are being presented […]

All over the nation, comic fans are dressing up as some of their favorite characters! Classic figures are being presented in a wild display of comic revelry and all in good fun! Attend any comic convention and this phenomenon will certainly take center stage! But what is it that has die hard comic book fans trading in their office garb for tights and capes?

It’s the excitement and imagination of Cosplay!

cosplay pic oneBut what exactly is cosplay you ask? When I looked up Cosplay in Webster’s dictionary, it was defined as: short for “costume play”. It is a performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplayers often interact to create a sub culture centered on role play. A broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costumed role play in venues other than the stage, regardless of the cultural context; a sub-culture that ranges from but is not limited to comic books, manga, movies and films!

Go to any comic book or manga convention and watch as men lust after the soft embrace of the devilishly sexy She Devil. Ladies fawn at the feet of the striking, golden haired Norse god, Thor! Little kids lift their lightsabers to challenge the might of one Darth Vader! I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to be a green superhero that is as strong as heck and fighting mad (of course we are speaking of the one and only Incredible Hulk) or a highly intelligent ladies’ man/detective such as Batman. And for the ladies, let’s not cancel out the striking vixen brandishing her silver bracelets, excellent combat skills and the infamous lasso of truth (Wonder Woman). For those bad girls walking the edge, we have to include the purring, powerful jewel thief with a smile that could melt grease; one Selina Kyle aka, Cat Woman.

But what exactly makes Cosplay so appealing? Why is this the next cultural, comic revolution?x photo        

Chiara Scuro is a convention cosplay model and fan so In order to really get an inside perspective on cosplay, I asked her a few questions on the topic and this is what she said; “The art of costuming and dressing up has been around for decades, if not centuries. It’s evolved a lot, recently with the popularity of conventions dedicated to anime, video games, comic books, etc. It’s an art form, and it’s very expressive and interactive. You always end up putting at least a bit of yourself into a cosplay. When I was little, I was inspired by Disney movies. I love being able to create and bring to life characters’ clothes and looks and to be able to model what I make myself in order to bring out those characters. You can literally become anyone you want to be. It’s like Halloween all year round! I’ve gained sewing skills, makeup skills, sculpting/craft skills, modeling etc. I’ve learned SO much through my 10+ years of cos-playing. My art skills and craftsmanship have improved as a result of it. It’s awesome to see companies recognizing it and magazines like TIME doing features on the process of co-players getting ready much like fashion shows prep or ballerinas getting ready for a performance. I think that’s the kind of recognition cosplay and cos-players deserve, to be treated like artists bringing something to life and not the popularity/beauty contests that some people [that may not fully understand it] make it out to be.”

Chiara continued to shed further light on her particular Cosplay experiences.

“…As for the cosplay work I have done, I’ve done some events for sites like American Cosplay Paradise, where they hire cos-players to help promote upcoming anime or video game titles at conventions, take photos with attendees and get everyone hyped up about the title that is coming out. As for my professional work, I’ve done shoots for Marvel comics in NYC, to help them with their promotion of Avengers vs. XMen. I’m the mascot girl for Anime USA, an anime convention in Washington DC. So I help them out with promotions for the convention, I make and wear the new mascot costume every year at the convention and do things like host the masquerade, MC their cosplay ball, help out with the charity auction etc. This year I’m also running their Cosplay Fashion Show at the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) where cos-players will get the chance to walk down the catwalk and show off their costumes.

In fact, MAS Media Studios and Future Scope Comics were so inspired by this movement that we decided to create something so massive in our schedule that even non-Cosplayers will want to take part!  But we can not give everything away all in one blog! Where is the fun in that my Cosplay fans and friends? What we can do is to recognize, on this blog, two entrepreneurs and all around great guys who are steadily becoming the word on all things Cosplay; One Bryan Pedrazzoli, founder of COSNATION and Ryan Frye, co-founder and head of marketing and media. Ryan Frye also gave us an exact description of what the social site encompasses, why it is so cool, and how you can get connected in!

cosnation logoCosnation is a social site for those who love cosplay and all things geek culture. You can easily connect and keep up with new friends and those you already know. We have forums, videos, free games, blogs and more! Join the cosnation on line or you can use your mobile device to experience the con away from the con!”

So for all of you cosplayers and just for those fans ready to jump into a world of adventure and excitement, check out Ryan Frye and Bryan Pedrazzoli’s cosplay blog site! And don’t forget to check back with us as we update you on hot new developments in the Mas Media Studios and FutureScope Comics camp, including an exclusive update on our specific cosplay surprise!!!



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