Anibal “The Animal” Arroyo takes on the World of Zion 3!

Many know his work from the urban classic “Street Journal!” Anibal Arroyo is back! And working on a collaboration with, […]

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Many know his work from the urban classic “Street Journal!”

Anibal Arroyo is back! And working on a collaboration with,  none other than Jonathan Syphax on a book being released by the production house known as FutureScope Comics!

It’s been over 6 years since these creative mavericks have worked on a complete project together,that’s correct, 6 years.   This will mark only their 2nd fusion of ideas from a creative and visual standpoint upon any particular project.  This is rarely scene in the independent comic world and certainly not of this magnitude.

A student of the historic Joe Kubert school of cartoon and graphic art, Anibal “The Animal” Arroyo has became more than just a  murmur within the independent comic industry!

Anibal has worked with such names from the independent community as Luis M. Cruz, Samuel Vera, Jorge Medina(Russ 5377,Wonder Duck), Jemir Johnson(Vigilance), Joshua Nash(Slurp), Hector Rodriguez(Hell’s Blood),Dani Smith(Black dog Rebel Rose: An Anthology) and a host of other great creators,  as well as various freelance commission pieces.

Now Anibal will be working on Zion 3 issue #1, a book slated to be producedEPSON MFP image


Street Journal itself was the perfect fusion of Classic story telling through precise sequential layouts and tight writing, sending a shock wave through the independent genre, reforming the way independent comics are done and visually presented) and in many other cases) its literally being duplicated to this very day.

The real cool thing is how much creative input Anibal has on this break-out issue. Anibal is creating much of the characters. Outside of the  main characters, scenes, clothing,  various beasts and settings in the book,  as well as that melding a bit of magic,  mystery and visual action of the 1800s.  Even the weapons they use will come out of Anibal’s imagination.

Trust me on this, his sequential storytelling alone will keep you glued to the pages of Zion 3,  issue # 1!

When Anibal asked me if he could be the artist on the project,  quite frankly, I was surprised.  Anibal is literally the busiest man I know,  juggling a marriage,  two sons(one 18,  the other is 6), a full time job,  including  the basic outside demands of life.  It is definitely a daunting task,  and to follow the caliber of work of a Dody Eka isn’t easy to say the least!

But not for the mastery of one Anibal “The animal” Arroyo!

27886_1444119501509_8219509_nWhen we asked Anibal about the project and the challenges, he had this to say:

“Great fun! This project allows me to really stretch my imagination, as well as my drawing muscles. As for challenges,  I would say time management is an issue because of my lifestyle and hectic schedule. I have a lot of work piling up and it seems like there’s never enough hours in a day to get all the work done.”

Further posts will be put up, updating you on the production of this project, as well as new, sneak peek art.

Extra Note: There will also be an exclusive pin-up by Anibal Arroyo himself offered free of charge with each book.

Demons will fall! Super beings will be forged! And all will know that Jonathan and Anibal formed an adventure,  the likes of which has never been seen in the independent comic world! History is being made!

So see you next time at the next Mas/Future Scope comic blog.

Future Scope Comics: Creating new stories for a new generation of readers.


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