(2017) Jonathan Presents Some New Talent to the Creative Team, As Well As Some Key Players!

(2017) The Creative Rooster for Jonathan’s Future Comic and Book Titles are Born! Another year has passed! And 2016 has […]

(2017) The Creative Rooster for Jonathan’s Future Comic and Book Titles are Born!

Another year has passed!

And 2016 has been a GREAT one for Jonathan’s various publications, in terms of character development,   story development and overall company development! Various dynamic artist,  inkers, and colorists have all contributed to some fantastic, visually compelling,  promotional work,  as well as the development of pages for upcoming projects. These creators have also helped in spreading the word about the various projects they are working on under Jonathan’s development.

Such work have been displayed throughout various internet outlets, such as:

The FutureScope Fan Page

The Future Scope Fan album

FutureScope Twitter Account


The Masmediastudios Blog Site, and Instagram just to name a few,

And he is promising a sure commitment to having no less than three new titles released by the end of the summer, with the work of a stronger creative team as well!

Each of these books will be released at some of the biggest,  comic and entertainment venues out there, showcasing a new set of all-star creators on the FutureScope team,  as well as some fan favorites!

That means, for 2017,  we are raising the stakes even by building up not only a stronger group of characters and stories in order to amass an mind-blowing foundation for our super being world, but we are also amping up the talent pool as well!!


Allen Geneta:

Anibal Arroyo: This independent artist work has been seen on various independent projects all throughout the independent comic circuit.  His first explosion on the scene was with his art debt in the independent classic,  ”Street Journal,” Produced by Masmediastudios,(MAS-MasMeansMore). He has hence done various commission work includes: Jamir Johnson’, owner of Creative Element Studio’s(Vigilance issue #3-Cover Art, and also a pin up for the same company for the book, 5 Shots, Catherine Despira’s-Retro Magazine, issue # 3(cover art), Denise Stinson’s Children’s book, ” The Kid With the Cast Iron Stomach,” and Victor Mendez’s Stiletto, along with work for Roman Suarez, Luis M Cruz. He also does logo work and custom art and is now currently working on the highly anticipated book,  Zion 3: Issue #1(From Future scope comics),  slated to be released this summer.

Note: Anibal “The animal” Arroyo will also be taking on the role as creative, visual director once he has completed the particular pages assigned on the present Zion 3: Verse Book!

Dody Eka: One of Futurescope Comics top talents, we are very honored to say that this great artist was one of the first artist to be brought into the FutureScope comic World, and literally have been,  throughout 2015 & 16 our go to guy for great,  knock out art! A polished professional,  this dynamic artist has been highlighted in one of our most popular blogs,  as well as done not only promotional art but pages for our first published book(which sold extremely well).  His promotional art for Future Scope ranges thorough all projects,  Celestine,  Zion 3,  Lords of Nevada, various character sketches and pin up work,  you name it and all the art has been well received by the fans!

He has worked for a multitude of various independent companies and still does, including: Advent Comics, Dead bride Comics., along with various pin up commission work throughout the industry.  He is currently working on the book Zion 3: Issue # 1(FutureScope comics), along with Artist, Anibal Arroyo.

Simply put,  ”The Uncanny Dody Eka is blazing into the year 2017!”

Dino Argo(Promotional Art):

Dino Argo is simply an artist force to be recon with.  He’s done phenomenal work for such independent companies as  Killer Comix, Advent comics,  Faster Hamster Studios, Geeky Comics, Anomulous Comics, Gravity Studios, Xmoor Studios and a host of others.  He has also done promotional work for FutureScope Comics and is scheduled to do more promotional work for FutureScope titles as well as various single issue comics.

 Milton Estevam:

A student of the Ed Benes Studios,  he is truly a star on the rise,  and what I predict to be a strong force on any of FutureScopes developing titles!  He brings a strong mainstream comic feel,  with clear,  precise art work that depicts today’s action style comics. He’ has already worked for many of the top Independence titles,  including Dynamite Comics,(Dejah Thoris: And the Green Men of Mars), Zenescopes Robyn Hood-I love New York # 06),Queen Sonia title and many,  many other well known comic companies!  And he’s just getting started.  We are honored to have him on the FutureScope Comic and Entertainment team!

Raymund Bermudez:

When I first saw this artist work,  I knew that he was shooting straight to a mainstream level. I felt I had to work with this great talent before the inevitable occurred,  so I commissioned him for a Celestine piece, which,  to this day stands as one of Future Scopes’ strongest promotional piece. Well, as I predicated it, so it became so. Marvel and DC soon after commissioned him to a book, so we are fortunate to have, in our roster, an actual main stream artist.

Some independent companies include: Fresh comics, Bloodlines series(Time for War),Dynamite,  as well as a second promotional piece for FutureScope comics(Lords of Nevada-LON Promo piece).

Mainstream include: Marvel Comics,  DC Comics.

Don Noceda:

Another incredible artist with top notch,  main stream caliber work,  this talent has worked with some of the top independent companies and around!  His art is sick,  a virtual punch in the gut that will knock the air right out of you.Trust me when I tell ya,  his talent is up there with some of the best.

Some of the companies he has worked for includes, dynamite(Army of Darkness),Xion Studios, Tikki god Studios just to name a few.  He is also slated to do some promotional work for Future Scope this summer.

Alex Rivera:

Alex Riveria has a gift to have his inking work give a dimension  and depth to the artist pencils that few have been able to mimic.  His detailing is incredible and his lines are clean and consistent.  He is a true professional who has truly homed his craft, and an all around cool dude.

Some  companies he’s worked for includes: Zenescope, Guild Works Productions, Gnosis Comics, Tres Calaveras, Jolly Rogue Studio, Unstoppable Comics Atlas Unleashed. He has also done incredible inking work for Future Scope comics,  via various commissions ranging from Celestine pieces to Zion three pieces as well.

Jesse Hansen:

This forward thinker and top notch-inker has worked for the big two  as far back as the silver and golden age.  A consummate professional,  he has worked on some of the most well known comics tiles out there.  He has recently formed his own production company,  Corner Stone Comics,  and has done inking work on a previous promotional piece of Lady Havoc(Zion3). The art for the piece previously mentioned was done by,  you guessed it,  Dody Eka.  But not only will he be inking various pages and promotional work for Future Scope,  but,  in addition he will be in most of the promotional work and designing Future Scopes first web site! Oh man,  I just let the cat out the bag! Oh well!

Sure, this could be a daunting task,  but,  in truth,  since i have worked with him in the past,  i’m not worried an one bit!

Angel Rd:

Colorist extraordinaire,  he has been honing his craft for quite some time, building some demo work that speaks volumes(link).  He is now working on coloring work for Future Scopes upcoming book, currently being drawn by Anibal arroyo and Dody Eka,  Zion 3: Issue # 1!  Trust me on this,  he is the real deal! Want you see come this summer in Zion 3 will kick major butt!

Bryan Arfel Magnaye:

Bryan has always been a powerhouse with-in the world of Future Scope Comics.  He has done work for the recently released anthology book by MAS entitled Cryptic, in addition to other independent work.  His work also will soon be featured in the Book, “FS Showcase: The Devil and the Miracle Kid and other stories,” from Future Scope comics, where he did an amazing job on the coloring of the Celsetine story.  Simply put,  he is a powerhouse!

So there it is,  the entire artistic and creative squad! I hope the names listed got you curious because I can’t hardily sit still to see what they are going to product! Whatever it may be,  I know one thing,  it’s going to be something really,  really special!

Keep and eye out! 2017 is going to be a huge year!

Note: More great artist to com!



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